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Technical support continues to be provided to different Official Laboratories in other countries in order for them to achieve greater compliance with WHO Good Laboratory Practices and their Prequalification.

2016 - Technical support to the Laboratory LAYAFA, Official Laboratory of Costa Rica, in order to achieve greater compliance with GLP and its WHO Prequalification. It consisted of a two weeks internship performed by the Head of Physical-Chemical Analysis.

Octubre 2014 - At the request of the World Health Organization, we had the pleasure of receiving Telma Cheveia Ruco from National Quality Control Laboratory of Mozambique for an internship at our facility. The purpose of this internship was to help them to strengthen its quality management system by sharing our experience in developingit with the goal of obtaining WHO Prequalification.

In November 2013, evaluations and assessments were carried out based on the guidelines of the WHO Good Laboratory Practices at CEMIT - Paraguay and LACEN - CE - Brazil.

"Workshop: physico-chemical controls applied in determining the quality of a drug Tuberculosis (TB medicine)"

Within the framework of the Pan American Network for Drug Regulatory Harmonization (PANDRH), the Working Group on Good Laboratory Practice (GT-BLP) has organized and coordinated with the Comisión para el Control de Calidad de Medicamentos (CCCM) and PAHO (HSS-MT and HSD-TB) the "Workshop: physico-chemical controls applied in determining the quality of a drug Tuberculosis (TB medicine).

This activity was held in the CCCM from 3 to 7 September 2012 and featured ten professionals from five countries; Ecuador: Q.F. Even López Lecaro (Profesional de Registro Sanitario del Instituo Nacional de Higiene y Medicina) Tropical) y B.Q.F. Paulo Cesar Tello (Analsita de la Coordinación de Medicamentos e Insumos Estratégicos); Guatemala: Licda. Gabriela Castillo Rios y Lic. Douglass Eugene Marroquin del Laboratorio Nacional de Salud; Nicaragua: Lic. Rogelio José Machado y Lic. Francisco Roger Urcuyo del Laboratorio Nacional de Control de Medicamentos MINSA - LNCCM; El Salvador: Licda. María Elena Martínez y Lic. Marvin Gutiérrez del Laboratorio de Control de Calidad y Paraguay: Aristides Muñoz y Dr. Edmundo César Granada del Centro Multidisciplinario de investigaciones tecnológicas de la Universidad Nacional de Asunción.

During the month of September of this year is being conducted the second phase of the “Workshop on Physico-chemical tests Applied in Determining the Quality of TB Medicines””. It will be dictated by professionals from CCCM in each following countries: Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Paraguay.

The aim is to improve the performance of quality control laboratories (LOCM) through personal training in techniques and analytical procedures often used in quality control of medicines.

Visit COFEPRIS - August 2012

On the occasion that Mexico wants to apply for WHO prequalification Laboratories issued by the Medicines Control Officers, and considering that WHO Prequalification has granted CCCM, in the 20th to August 24th, 2012 will receive a visit to the facilities of licensed laboratory Vega Veronica Segura, Imelda Rocio Guzman and Cesar Omar Gonzalez Galvez belonging to the Federal Commission for Protection against Health Risks (COFEPRIS) of Mexico

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