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In recent days we have had the honor of being visited by the PAHO representative Dr. Parisi

Following is his vision of the visit

On days 2 and 3 July 2012 during a mission work in Uruguay, I had the opportunity to visit the official laboratory quality control of drugs in Uruguay (CCCM) in Bv. Gral. Artigas 3223, Montevideo.
Both the Director Q.F. Beatriz Luna as the group of professionals who work there, showed the high academic standards and commitment that guarantee the quality of medicines consumed in Uruguay.
It is not a surprise that it efficient Quality Management System has earned the distinction of being Prequalified by World Health Organization as an International Reference Laboratory for the United Nations Agencies as required.
As a result of this visit the CCCM will develop an international worshop training for professionals from Ecuador, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Paraguay and Guatemala, also in the coming months its professionals will perfomance Quality Management Audits to official laboratories in Argentina, Colombia and Mexico.

As Pan American Health Organization officer I am proud to have a laboratory as of CCCM in the region of the Americas.

Jose M Parisi
Quality Assurance and Safety of Pharmaceutical (HSS/MT)
Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO/WHO)

In December 2014 we had the opportunity to have your presence at the Meeting Level I workshop in which a summary of the activities discussed and a development project needed to continue our objectives was presented .

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