Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure

Detailed description :

Administrative Commission composed of:

- Two delegates of the Ministry of Public Health (MSP)
- A delegate of National Laboratories Association (ALN)
- A delegate for the Chamber of Pharmaceutical Products and related items (CEFA)

wich is responsible for the administrative -financial management of the CCCM,

Technical Management and Deputy Technical Manager:

These posts respectively are held by the Head of Evaluation and Director of the Department of Medicines of the Ministry of Public Health.

Productive Areas:

Chemical Sector
Quality evaluation of pharmaceutical products on issues related to its chemical composition, physical, physico-chemical and pharmacotechnical properties, and labeling and packaging.

- Microbiology Sector
Quality evaluation of parmaceutical products on issues related to its microbiological hygiene, sterility , bacterial endotoxin content, determination of biologically active chemical composition and labeling and packaging.

Logistic Support Areas:

Quality Unit
Responsible for ensuring that the Quality Management System is implemented and controlled continuously.

Sampling Unit
Performs market the sampling of pharmaceutical products, ensuring the collection, preservation and security of samples.

Administration Unit
Manages and administers the resources to fulfill the objectives of the organization.

Security Unit
Responsible for the application standards and working guidelines related to security issues.

Uruguay CCCM
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