Quality Assurance

Quality Asurance

The CCCM has implemented a Quality Management System (SGC)

Detailed description :

The CCCM considers essential:
• to ensure sampling transparency;
• to preserve and guarantee the security of samples and counter samples;
• to provide excellence in analytical results.

- Accreditation in Good Laboratory Practices
Since September 2010, CCCM has been Prequalified by WHO in accordance with current Good Laboratory Practices (Report 44 - Annex 1, Report 45 - Annex 2 and relevant parts of WHO Good Manufacturing Practices).

- Certification in ISO 9001: 2015
Since May 4, 2002, the Quality Management System has been certified according to the ISO9001: 2000 standard.
CCCM is currently certified by LSQA S.A. (LATU SISTEMAS QUALITY AUSTRIA S.A.) according to the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 standard.

We are interested in improving the quality of the services provided, so your opinion is very valuable to us. If you want to make suggestions, claims and/or complains, please complete the form Gestión de Reclamación de Clientes (management of customers claim) and send it to cccm@msp.gub.uy
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