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Detailed description :

The CCCM has successfully completed the stages of the prequalification programme established by PAHO / WHO and has been incorporated to the list of WHO Good Practices for fharmaceutical Quality Control Laboratories that WHO provides the United Nations Agencies

The process was carried out according to the document : «Prequalification of Quality Control Laboratories. Procedure for assessing acceptability, in principle, of quality control laboratories for use by United Nations agencies» and takes as reference the WHO Good Practices for pharmaceutical Quality Control Laboratories and relevant parts of WHO Good Manufacturing Practices.
Being a pre-qualified laboratory evidences compliance with the highest quality standards and that operates in a safe wanner for staff and environment.
The international reference laboratories play an important role in monitoring the quality of drugs purchased through international organizations such as PAHO/WHO, PQM-USP, The Global Fund, UNAIDS, UNICEF, the Red Cross, Clinton Foundation. The CCCM has participated in this monitory activities on several occasions.
More information about this topic can be obtained in the link WHO List of prequalified Quality Control Laboratories

The public inspection report (WHOPIR) of the World Health Organization related to Prequalification of CCCM is available on the website.

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